NIPS Proceedingsβ

Bill Baird

6 Papers

  • Synchronized Auditory and Cognitive 40 Hz Attentional Streams, and the Impact of Rhythmic Expectation on Auditory Scene Analysis (1997)
  • Grammatical Inference by Attentional Control of Synchronization in an Oscillating Elman Network (1993)
  • Synchronization and Grammatical Inference in an Oscillating Elman Net (1992)
  • CAM Storage of Analog Patterns and Continuous Sequences with 3N2 Weights (1990)
  • Associative Memory in a Simple Model of Oscillating Cortex (1989)
  • A Bifurcation Theory Approach to the Programming of Periodic Attractors in Network Models of Olfactory Cortex (1988)