NIPS Proceedingsβ

Bartlett W. Mel

10 Papers

  • Dendritic Compartmentalization Could Underlie Competition and Attentional Biasing of Simultaneous Visual Stimuli (2000)
  • Memory Capacity of Linear vs. Nonlinear Models of Dendritic Integration (1999)
  • Toward a Single-Cell Account for Binocular Disparity Tuning: An Energy Model May Be Hiding in Your Dendrites (1997)
  • Complex-Cell Responses Derived from Center-Surround Inputs: The Surprising Power of Intradendritic Computation (1996)
  • SEEMORE: A View-Based Approach to 3-D Object Recognition Using Multiple Visual Cues (1995)
  • The Clusteron: Toward a Simple Abstraction for a Complex Neuron (1991)
  • How Receptive Field Parameters Affect Neural Learning (1990)
  • Sigma-Pi Learning: On Radial Basis Functions and Cortical Associative Learning (1989)
  • Further Explorations in Visually-Guided Reaching: Making MURPHY Smarter (1988)
  • MURPHY: A Robot that Learns by Doing (1987)