NIPS Proceedingsβ

Barak A. Pearlmutter

7 Papers

  • Subject-Independent Magnetoencephalographic Source Localization by a Multilayer Perceptron (2003)
  • Blind Source Separation via Multinode Sparse Representation (2001)
  • An MEG Study of Response Latency and Variability in the Human Visual System During a Visual-Motor Integration Task (1999)
  • Differentiating Functions of the Jacobian with Respect to the Weights (1999)
  • Maximum Likelihood Blind Source Separation: A Context-Sensitive Generalization of ICA (1996)
  • Chaitin-Kolmogorov Complexity and Generalization in Neural Networks (1990)
  • Using Backpropagation with Temporal Windows to Learn the Dynamics of the CMU Direct-Drive Arm II (1988)