NIPS Proceedingsβ

Angela J. Yu

13 Papers

  • Beauty-in-averageness and its contextual modulations: A Bayesian statistical account (2018)
  • Demystifying excessively volatile human learning: A Bayesian persistent prior and a neural approximation (2018)
  • Why so gloomy? A Bayesian explanation of human pessimism bias in the multi-armed bandit task (2018)
  • Context-sensitive active sensing in humans (2013)
  • Forgetful Bayes and myopic planning: Human learning and decision-making in a bandit setting (2013)
  • Strategic Impatience in Go/NoGo versus Forced-Choice Decision-Making (2012)
  • A rational decision making framework for inhibitory control (2010)
  • Sequential effects: Superstition or rational behavior? (2008)
  • Sequential Hypothesis Testing under Stochastic Deadlines (2007)
  • Optimal Change-Detection and Spiking Neurons (2006)
  • Inference, Attention, and Decision in a Bayesian Neural Architecture (2004)
  • Expected and Unexpected Uncertainty: ACh and NE in the Neocortex (2002)
  • ACh, Uncertainty, and Cortical Inference (2001)