NIPS Proceedingsβ

Alexandre Pouget

14 Papers

  • Optimal decision-making with time-varying evidence reliability (2014)
  • Demixing odors - fast inference in olfaction (2013)
  • Complex Inference in Neural Circuits with Probabilistic Population Codes and Topic Models (2012)
  • Dynamical Constraints on Computing with Spike Timing in the Cortex (2002)
  • A New Model of Spatial Representation in Multimodal Brain Areas (2000)
  • Divisive Normalization, Line Attractor Networks and Ideal Observers (1998)
  • Neural Basis of Object-Centered Representations (1997)
  • Probabilistic Interpretation of Population Codes (1996)
  • Selective Integration: A Model for Disparity Estimation (1996)
  • Statistically Efficient Estimations Using Cortical Lateral Connections (1996)
  • A Model of Spatial Representations in Parietal Cortex Explains Hemineglect (1995)
  • Reinforcement Learning Predicts the Site of Plasticity for Auditory Remapping in the Barn Owl (1994)
  • Spatial Representations in the Parietal Cortex May Use Basis Functions (1994)
  • Hierarchical Transformation of Space in the Visual System (1991)