NIPS Proceedingsβ

Alex Waibel

11 Papers

  • Adaptively Growing Hierarchical Mixtures of Experts (1996)
  • The Use of Dynamic Writing Information in a Connectionist On-Line Cursive Handwriting Recognition System (1994)
  • Connected Letter Recognition with a Multi-State Time Delay Neural Network (1992)
  • Performance Through Consistency: MS-TDNN's for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (1992)
  • JANUS: Speech-to-Speech Translation Using Connectionist and Non-Connectionist Techniques (1991)
  • Multi-State Time Delay Networks for Continuous Speech Recognition (1991)
  • Continuous Speech Recognition by Linked Predictive Neural Networks (1990)
  • The Tempo 2 Algorithm: Adjusting Time-Delays By Supervised Learning (1990)
  • Connectionist Architectures for Multi-Speaker Phoneme Recognition (1989)
  • Incremental Parsing by Modular Recurrent Connectionist Networks (1989)
  • Consonant Recognition by Modular Construction of Large Phonemic Time-Delay Neural Networks (1988)