NIPS Proceedingsβ

Alan F. Murray

11 Papers

  • Bio-inspired Real Time Sensory Map Realignment in a Robotic Barn Owl (2008)
  • Minimising Contrastive Divergence in Noisy, Mixed-mode VLSI Neurons (2003)
  • Synchrony Detection by Analogue VLSI Neurons with Bimodal STDP Synapses (2003)
  • Citcuits for VLSI Implementation of Temporally Asymmetric Hebbian Learning (2001)
  • Competence Acquisition in an Autonomous Mobile Robot using Hardware Neural Techniques (1995)
  • Pulsestream Synapses with Non-Volatile Analogue Amorphous-Silicon Memories (1994)
  • Generic Analog Neural Computation - The EPSILON Chip (1992)
  • Synaptic Weight Noise During MLP Learning Enhances Fault-Tolerance, Generalization and Learning Trajectory (1992)
  • Pulse-Firing Neural Chips for Hundreds of Neurons (1989)
  • Programmable Analog Pulse-Firing Neural Networks (1988)
  • Bit-Serial Neural Networks (1987)