NIPS Proceedingsβ

Alan A. Stocker

11 Papers

  • Efficient Neural Codes under Metabolic Constraints (2016)
  • Human Decision-Making under Limited Time (2016)
  • Optimal integration of visual speed across different spatiotemporal frequency channels (2013)
  • Optimal Neural Population Codes for High-dimensional Stimulus Variables (2013)
  • Efficient coding provides a direct link between prior and likelihood in perceptual Bayesian inference (2012)
  • Optimal Neural Tuning Curves for Arbitrary Stimulus Distributions: Discrimax, Infomax and Minimum $L_p$ Loss (2012)
  • A Bayesian Model of Conditioned Perception (2007)
  • Sensory Adaptation within a Bayesian Framework for Perception (2005)
  • Constraining a Bayesian Model of Human Visual Speed Perception (2004)
  • Classifying Patterns of Visual Motion - a Neuromorphic Approach (2002)
  • Computation of Smooth Optical Flow in a Feedback Connected Analog Network (1998)