NIPS Proceedingsβ

Aapo Hyvärinen

8 Papers

  • Structural equations and divisive normalization for energy-dependent component analysis (2011)
  • Emergence of conjunctive visual features by quadratic independent component analysis (2006)
  • Interpreting Neural Response Variability as Monte Carlo Sampling of the Posterior (2002)
  • Temporal Coherence, Natural Image Sequences, and the Visual Cortex (2002)
  • Emergence of Topography and Complex Cell Properties from Natural Images using Extensions of ICA (1999)
  • Sparse Code Shrinkage: Denoising by Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Estimation (1998)
  • New Approximations of Differential Entropy for Independent Component Analysis and Projection Pursuit (1997)
  • One-unit Learning Rules for Independent Component Analysis (1996)